The next level: 250 locations! (257 to be exact)

Yet another milestone has been reached with a whopping 257 locations on the map as we know it today! With 3 months to go I am exactly half way towards the goal of 500 locations on the map by the 1st of July 2016 and thanks to your help I have been able to come to this point. If you guys have more additions to the map please let me know.

I will add arcades to the map that have at least 10 arcade machines (excluding pinball and any other machines) and it would be great if they have a website or facebook account as well. I would like visitors to be able to double check if the location is open or even still exists. You never know these days and it would be a pity if you have driven for hours to come to the conclusion that the particular arcade is closed.

So it seems we are trending to reach the goal but with having said that the quick wins have been added already so keep the suggestions coming and once again thank you all for your contribution to the map. Hopefully with this map we will inspire people to visit arcades more regularly and help arcade locations to be found. It is a beautiful way to spend time with family and friends and I would love to spend more time with them this way.

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If you have any locations to add to the map please leave them here:

Thank you all for any and all contributions.



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