Arcade Attack not just another blog site

That’s an absolute bloody lie – this is just another blog site!  But you know what?  We love those retro video games!

We love to write, we love gaming and this is why this site is now in existence.  We’ll share with you our thoughts on past favourites and unearthed “gems” alike.  Check out the Blog for articles on absolutely anything (retro) gaming related.

Arcade Belgium Arcade Belgium is an unincorporated association founded in 2003 to promote coin operated video games. Their website features worldwide arcade news, charts, trade show reports, an event agenda, game tips, places to play arcade games in Belgium and community forums with second hand arcade market.

You Find Yourself In A Frozen Cavern Surrounded By Retrogaming and Indie Game Goodness. Head North To Visit  & Level UP ⬆️.


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