[GitS]: Street Fighter

One of the last games I have played in the arcade was Street Fighter 2. No really one of the last games. It even gets worse, I have never played this game in the arcade full stop. But still it is my favorite fighter game ever! I have played this game on the SNES, PC and later (as I am probably a very fortunate guy with a friend close by that has a very large arcade) in a private arcade. Street Fighter has a bit a “je ne sais quoi” that keeps getting me back to the game. Graphics, sound track, moves, environments, it simply rocks and not just with 1 of the version but pretty much the whole series (well maybe excluding SF1).

Below a small complilation of the versions available. Feel free to explore them all but realize there is more eye candy with better and more elaborate game versions as well. Have fun!

Street Fighter (1):

Street Fighter 2:

Street Fighter 3:

Street Fighter 4:

Street Fighter 5:

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