[GitS] Game in the Spotlight: Outrun

Splash Wave… no it is not the name of a new Transformer (although it would not be such a bad name for it to be honest :P). This is the tune that makes my heart beat faster. For some reason this game for me is the ultimate arcade experience, I am talking about Outrun but you probably read the title before you jumped into this article.

Outrun for me has always been a game the triggered my senses. The visuals were great in the days. The music would pull you in the game. The action keeps you on the edge of your seat and after playing the game I was pumped with adrenaline. Even today when playing the game it gives me the same rush..and listening to Splash Wave only makes me crave for more. I gotta play this game again!

To add to that later versions of the Outrun series were not that bad either. Sometimes you have the feeling that they continue a series but the creators are not doing the original justice. Well with Outrun that simply is not true. All the (arcade) versions tie nicely into the same mind blowing arcade feel. They always stayed close to the original experience and built on that. Outrun 2 SP really tops it off with beautiful cars, color changes, same upgraded music and an insane game mode called heart attack mode in which you need to do so (almost) over the top tricks to impress your girl. Simply awesome!

Go check it out and let me know what you think!

If you have a suggestion for game for GitS next time please feel free to drop me a message here.

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