Arcade review: La Tete dans les Nuages – Paris

Hey Guys,

Sorry for taking awhile to again post. I was fortunate enough to have some vacation but also to be allowed to do a business trip. Of course I always try to visit local arcades so also this time I wanted to do a review for your guys and oh boy what a location I found this time πŸ˜€

During my trip to Paris I looked up a commercial arcade near the city center called La Tete dans les Nuages. With some help of a local kebab store owner I managed to quickly find the location with only a 10 min walk from my hotel. I have to admit that their website gives some impression but what I stepped into I did not anticipate in a very positive way.

When I arrived at 5 Boulevard des Italiens I saw this big building which much looked like an modern movie cinema with a glass door front. Walking in you see this big stairs going down with this view:

At first I thought the place would be packed with redemption game but I definitely was wrong about that.

Behold! The holy grail of any gamer that thinks very seriously about racing games:

2016-05-25 23.59.00

Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe Twin! DROOLZ! This baby is normally being sold for GPB 40,000 so this is some serious hardware they have. Of course I will not elaborately explain how sucky the gameplay is when you are tossed around in your chair (+4 seconds to reach the end of the A course but I admit I take my racing time maybe a bit to seriously). But what an incredible machine. You feel like driving in a car. Stepping in, the elaborate dashboard. The feel is very nice and it is an eye-catcher for any arcade, especially if you have such a view on entrance.

2016-05-25 23.59.18 2016-05-25 23.59.30 2016-05-25 23.59.39 2016-05-25 23.59.44 2016-05-25 23.59.57

Now on to their retro corner. I actually looked for it for 10 minutes but following the signs. I was clearly under the impression to find some woodies with Donkey Kong or whatever but after asking one of the lovely employees there this is what she pointed out. Bit disappointing but fair enough they can’t have everything I suppose πŸ˜€

2016-05-26 00.00.13 2016-05-26 00.02.02 2016-05-26 00.02.59 2016-05-26 00.04.13

As you can see there is a great assortment of a lot of great games. Great location too, they have theater games as well, give 16 people game-like movies with 3D effects. All in all a very good place to hang out and have some fun with friends. There is one little downside to be honest, the price. They work with tokens that you can buy from a machine. The more tokens you buy the cheaper it becomes however if I recalculate the price I paid for the insane Outrun 2 it probably comes back to EUR 3,50 which is actually quite expensive. Now you are in the city center probably not the cheapest of locations but this is not something you will be doing every month. For food and drinks they have a couple of vending machines which did not work properly but they work πŸ™‚

Location: 5/5

Games / Cabinets: 5/5

Extra’s: 3/5

Overall: 4.33 out of 5

Overall I like the place, music and sound is blasting out of the speakers. It has a nice atmosphere. Really the only downside is the price which I have represented in the “Extra’s” but other than that this place is a blast. If you are less of the die-hard player and want to have some fun with friends or the family this actually is a very good place with a wide variaty of games in which even some die-hard player would also enjoy them selves. I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in town.

Have fun!

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