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Welcome to the Arcade Universe News Network. We promote arcades and everything about the arcade hobby. In order to stimulate this more we have started the Arcade Universe News Network in which we gather and promote arcade blogs and news all around the globe. This is a good opportunity to get more traffic for your blog/website and as a consequence make the arcade hobby more available for everyone.


If you add your blog/website to the Arcade News page this will have benefits for your site as well. Participants will have more exposure to relevant readers. As soon as you place an article on your site it will be published on and our Facebook page. Participant websites will have their blog displayed with a short description and a link to their blog. The Arcade Universe News Network is completely free and is a private initiative for arcade lovers, fanatics, nerds, geeks and other enthusiasts we all call friends.


  1. Participating websites must contain at least 50% arcade content. Whether that is about arcade games, machines, locations, DIY, hack, restoration etc just as long as the majority of the content is about the arcade hobby.
  2. Participating websites will need to publish a minimum of 6 posts a year on their own blog.
  3. Participating websites will need to be written in English.
  4. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racial or sexual abusive content but I am sure everyone agrees on that. We like a little nudity from time to time though 😀
  5. Participating websites will need to have an RSS functionality. If you are not sure if you have any we can easily check that for you.
  6. Participating websites contact details will not be shared nor sold. The only information that will be shared is the blog description, the blog URL and the articles that are available on the member sites RSS feed.
  7. Each participating website is responsible for the content of its own blog. If the content is in violation of the Arcade Universe Blog Network rules the blog will be removed form the network.
  8. Arcade Universe reserves the right to remove any blog without any reason however we will of course inform you about this if we do.
  9. Participating websites can decide to opt out of the Arcade Universe News Network at any time without any obligations or reason.
  10. Participating websites will need to publish a logo of the Arcade Universe News Network in order to improve the exposure for all participating websites.

How to become a member site

  1. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page to submit your membership.
  2. We will contact you with information about linkage
  3. That is it!
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